Sevenne XL

Extra long mobile bench on wheels

Extended length bench on wheels is specially designed for repairing larger commercial vehicles. The key feature of this bench allows to position under a 2-post lift for loading and to easily move between work bays. The 5.8 m (19 ft) length is suitable for light trucks and commercial vehicles. The universal peripheral frame enables quick anchoring; adjustment of the clamps, wheels, transport handle; and multi-function supports


Complete mobile bench on wheels

Sevenne is a universal mobile bench, which can be upgraded to Rhone or Griffon. The anchoring can be achieved all around the bench, thanks to its peripheral frame for quick fixing of wheels, clamps; multi-function supports; and a steering handle.

Griffon XL

Extra long bench with twin lifting system

5.8 m long bench GRIFFON XL is specially designed for repairing commercial vehicles and SUV. This length enables you to complete simultaneous repairs at both the front and rear of the vehicle. This bench is supplied with 2 independent inner lifting units and a hydraulic tilting system.

Griffon VB

Mobile cum drive-on bench with integrated inner lifting system

Griffon VB is a mobile cum drive-on bench that enables you to organize any work bay into a straightening area. The bench remains mobile with the vehicle in position, thanks to the castor wheels. This bench is equipped with an inner lifting unit which can be operated by means of a remote control system.


Drive-on bench with secondary lifting system

Griffon is a drive-on bench with a 2800 kg lifting system using a running desking plate. Dismantling the anchoring clamps and cross-members is not required while positioning the vehicle. The inner lifting system is operated by means of a remote control device.

Only a part of the runway decking plate (light but solid; made of composites) needs to be removed if the repairing process requires it. Extra heavy duty pulling unit with 10 Ton capacity.

Rhone XL

5.8 m extra long drive-on bench with double scissor lift

Rhone XL is an extra long bench with 4200 kg lifting capacity to repair all types of light commercial vehicles and long wheel base passenger cars. The unique feature of this bench is the lifting height of 1.3 m that enables you to work at a very comfortable height for better productivity.

Rhone L 4.2T

5-meter-long drive-on bench with scissor lift facilitates quick loading

Rhone L is the longer version of Rhone drive-on bench with 5 m long and enhance lifting capacity of 4200 kg. Maximum lifting height is 1.36 m. Recommended for long wheel base vehicle. The detachable ram’s provides better access to the vehicle while pulling and measuring

Rhone 4.2T

Drive-on bench with scissor lift

Rhone drive-on bench has been upgraded with a lifting capacity of 4200 kg and 1.32 m height. The most versatile bench facilitates quick diagnosis and straightening with MZ/MZ+ and Cameleon universal bracket sets, pre and post repair reports can be obtained with Celette measuring systems. Thanks to the Celette vehicle loading trolley which enable you to load the damaged vehicles.